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One of the main goals at Rush Yachts is to be a big part in the advancement of the marine industries green accreditation by integrating new and evolving technologies. To do this successfully people need to be firstly more aware of how the marine industry effects the environment in both the short and long term and secondly, they need to be aware of potential green materials, technologies and processes that are available to reduce the impact and create sustainability.


The following (please click on the photo) is a very quick quiz to get people thinking and talking about how certain elements of the marine industry has an impact on the environment. The quiz should not take more than a few minutes and will be a nice way of breaking up the day! On the 29th of January everyone who has taken part in the quiz will be in for a chance of winning a one-of-a-kind and highly desirable Rush Yachts goodie box. A draw will be carried out and a person selected at random who will receive their prestigious, esteemed and exclusive Rush Yachts goodie box!


Following on from the quiz we will clear up any answers with weekly articles to run through the key green components of boat building that Rush Yachts have endeavoured to research, develop, and then implement into its boats. The purpose of this is to share our knowledge and highlighted potential routes for the marine industry to take to allow further growth and progress towards sustainability. With all of the info shared in the articles we want to get our opinion across and create talking points so if there are any questions or comments then please feel free to send through a message!

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